Longleaf Pine illustration with NCFS Shield Clemmons Educational State Forest

Longleaf Pine illustration with NCFS Shield Clemmons Educational State Forest


Clemmons Educational State Forest
2411 Old U.S. 70 West
Clayton, N.C. 27520
Phone: 919-553-5651

Clemmons Water Quality Classroom and River Basin Deck

CESF River Basin Deck

Clemmons Water Quality Classroom is an anchor of a larger water quality education project which includes a river basin activity book for students, a brochure for forest visitors and more than two dozen trailside interpretive signs designed to educate the public about non-point source pollution prevention. The Water Quality Classroom, located on the hill overlooking the pond, is an open air facility that is used for the 'Water Investigation' classes offered at the forest.

These structures and the trail that connects them are outfitted with interpretive non-point source pollution education signs. These exhibits and teaching aids are targeted at the 6,000 students who visit Clemmons Educational State Forest each year for natural resource programs and the 45,000 visitors who frequent the forest for learning, hiking, picnicking and other recreational opportunities.

CESF Water Quality Classroom

The classroom, river basin deck and educational materials were a cooperative effort. Funding and support for the project was provided by a U.S. EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program Grant, Lowes Home Improvement Stores, the N.C. Division of Water Quality Non-Point Source Program, the Albemarle Pamlico National Estuary Program, the North Carolina Forest Service Water Resources Branch and the N.C. Office of Environmental Education.

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