Shortleaf Pine illustration with NCFS Shield Holmes Educational State Forest

Shortleaf Pine illustration with NCFS Shield Holmes Educational State Forest

Holmes Educational State Forest Favorite Moments 2018

We would like to thank everyone for another successful year and are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve our surrounding communities. These six pictures represent a couple of our favorite moments while working in 2018. (Click image for larger view)

  • Photo of Ranger Amy at Yosemite

    Ranger Amy participated in the Incident Command System as a crewwoman on a wildland fire dispatch to Yosemite National Park in California

    Photo By: Amelia MacDonald

  • Snapping Turtle

    Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentine): After finding this baby snapping turtle crawling across our gravel road, EJ relocated it to the pond ecosystem created by a beaver on the Crab Creek Trail.

    Photo By: EJ Dwigans

  • Oconee Bell

    One of our first wildflowers to bloom, the Oconee Bell (Shortia galacifolia) can be seen in mid-March.

    Photo By: Susan Fay

  • Wildflower

    Most of HESF is located on a north-facing cove forest which can produce numerous different wildflowers between the months of March and October.

    Photo By: Susan Fay

  • Tree Id Group

    In January, July and October, HESF led Tree ID professional development workshops for over 46 participants. Be sure to check back a see what great guided hikes and workshops HESF rangers will be conducting in 2019.

    Photo By: Amy Kinsella

  • Monarch Cat

    Monarch Cat: The pollinator garden is becoming more established and believe this is the first year there has been Monarch Cats on our milkweed.

    Photo By: EJ Dwigans

Be sure to visit and find your own favorite moment.